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Living on a tight budget can be tough when you have a family. For many, it involves living on a single partner’s income while the other takes care of the kids. And if you’re a reader of this blog then you’re more than likely a homeschool parent meaning that you can probably relate to this. Since your days are filled with teaching your children, you don’t exactly have the time nor the energy to be going out to work a traditional job too- however that doesn’t mean you can’t earn at all. These days, there are fantastic ways to earn right from your own home, in a flexible way which can be totally worked around your family and commitments like homeschooling. Here are some examples!

Work From Home

Setting up your own little home business is a great way to earn some money in a flexible way. How about monetising a hobby, if you enjoy baking for example you could set up a baking business. If you enjoy gardening, you could grow plants from seed and sell them on. If you sew, knit, paint or design then you could create things to sell in an Etsy shop. Since it’s a hobby you’re already doing it already fits in with your lifestyle, there’s no pressure and you can just enjoy the funds from what you sell. if you don’t have any special skills, buying items wholesale and selling them on works well. For example, you could purchase lots of smaller bits and create your own gift hampers which sell very well on Facebook and eBay on Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions. If you want to come across more professionally, sites like can give you a virtual mailing and Google street address.


Freelancing is a fantastic way that anyone with the right skills can earn money in their spare time from home, and definitely something you can utilise as a homeschool mom. Sign up to a freelancing site, and take a look at the jobs you’d like to do. While each piece will have a deadline, you’re in control and get to choose how many you want to do, meaning it can easily be fit around your schedule. On a busier week you could do less or none at all, and if it’s quieter you could take on more pieces. Writing articles, designing logos, creating websites and even admin work are all examples of the kinds of jobs that will be available.


If you already have an established blog that you enjoy writing, why not look into monetising it? First, give your site a spruce up, purchase a professional layout from somewhere like ebay. These are not only cheap and easy to set up but will make your site look far cleaner and smarter. You could have a logo designed, and go through your old posts updating some of the pictures. Stock images from sites like Kaboom Pics look great and help your writing to pop. Once sponsored opportunities come in, it can be very lucrative and again something to easily fit around your family.

If you’ve always wanted to start a money-making blog, but don’t know how, read this and take the five-day crash course for free!

How do you earn money while homeschooling? Tell us below!

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