Take Courage! An Inspirational Quote Journal for Moms

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Take Courage, Moms!

Be encouraged and inspired with our 30-day quote journal just for you.

This 64-page journal will take your quiet prayer time to a whole new level.

Go deeper with our journal prompts and beautiful writing space.

How it Works:

Each day you’ll read an inspiring quote or Bible verse,

You’ll be given a question to ponder related to this quote.

Below the question you will have a beautiful writing space to record your thoughts and/or the answer to the question posed.

I recommend reading the quote and the question, and then jotting down any initial thoughts. Then, ponder on this quote during your daily activities and record any additional thoughts later on.

You will reflect on questions such as:

  • What will go wrong if I don’t do all the things today?

  • What will I say “no” to this week?

  • What does patience look like to you?

  • What is holding me back from making up my mind?

and much more

Once you complete these 30 days, your life will be transformed. 

I promise! 

Author’s Note: I know you’re busy! You’re a mom! But every mom deserves some quiet time to reflect and pray. You’re worth it! 


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