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Have You Ever Wanted Someone to Hold Your Hand?

Maybe You’re Someone Who Can Benefit From a Homeschool Life Coach!

Have you ever wished that someone could help you with all aspects of your homeschool as you went along? I am here for you! Join my Homeschool Helpline and get answers and help for all aspects of your ever-evolving homeschool. You might need help with:

  • How can I get my child to pay attention?

  • How can I find the confidence to be my child’s teacher?

  • I’m not sure how to create a good routine for my day

  • How do I teach my young child to read?

  • How can I make sure I have enough time for each child when I have multiple children to homeschool?

  • What math, spelling, [fill in the blank] curriculum would be best?

  • Does my child have a learning disability?

  • My middle schooler would love to join marching band. How can I get them into their band at our local school?

  • How many credits does my high schooler need?

  • How can I get everything done: housework, grocery shopping, appointments, schooling, etc.

  • How can I get a diploma for my child?

  • How do I keep my kids motivate?

  • Do *I* get any alone time?

and the list goes on. . .

Your Job as a Homeschool Parent Can Be Stress-Free and I’ll Show You How

I have helped hundreds of homeschooling families all over the US have a more peaceful and confident homeschool life from the early years, through graduation and  everything else in between. I can help you, too. And you don’t have to live in Florida. 


I can help you, too.

Let My Experience and Expertise Be Yours

  • As an educator of over two decades I’ve taught students of all ages from pre-k through college. I’ve worked with hundreds of special needs students including gifted kids and 2E kids.

  • As an educator who has identified varying special needs and learning challenges and I can help you identify yours.

  • As a homeschooling coach and evaluator of 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of homeschooling families with all aspects of their homeschool from the early years through high school graduation.

  • As a homeschooling parent myself, I’ve educated my own at home from the beginning. We’re now in the high school years.

  • As the owner/administrator of Life Learning Academy, a private umbrella cover school for homeschoolers, I’ve helped families prepare high school transcripts for college applications.

  • As a mom of two gifted kids, I understand well how to navigate the social and emotional needs of gifted kids. I can help yours, too.

Bring me your all of your questions, stressors and worries and I’ll be here for your with my undivided attention.

Coaching appointments are available for $30 per half hour. I ask that you please contact me by email to set up your private homeschool consulting appointment.
I will ask you to email me at least three days in advance, and let me know  the details of what you’d like to discuss during our Zoom session or phone call.

Some of the most common topics include:

    • instruction – how to’s, especially reading/writing

    • curriculum – matching to learning styles/instruction on multiple intelligences

    • strategies for special needs students

    • how to reach reluctant learners

    • how to manage multiple children and grade levels

    • creating transcripts

    • high school credits and planning coursework 

    • transitioning to/from homeschooling

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