Running a business while homeschooling

As a homeschool parent, a huge portion of your time is tied up teaching your kids, and so running a business and earning money can be tricky. However, thanks to the internet, no longer is it impossible and there are actually lots of ways to earn an income in a flexible way, right from your own home. However, there are some things you’ll need to consider, here’s how to make running a business while homeschooling successful for you.

Find a place to work from

When you’re working from home as a freelancer, or running your blogging business, it’s easy to assume that you can sit at your dining table, on your sofa or even work from your bed in your pajamas! But it’s best not to do that, a proper working space can help you to stay productive and keep work and life separate. When you homeschool and are also working from home it’s so easy for the boundaries to become blurred and it feels like you’re constantly meant to be doing something- even if its your time to relax. A separate room enables you to close the door at the end of each working day and keep those two things separate.

Decide on your working hours

Another way to keep your work and home life separate is to decide on the hours that you’re going to work. You might not always stick with them exactly, after all, flexibility and being your own boss is one of the biggest plus points to starting a business. But as with having a separate space to work from, set working hours prevents you from feeling like your time is never your own. Stop answering emails in bed, and typing away when you’re supposed to be enjoying family time at the weekends. Once you’ve worked your set hours, you’re free to get on with family life and other things.

Treat your business as a professional venture

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small- the goals are the same. To provide customers with a product or service that they want. Customers won’t accept lesser standards because you’re a small or home based business, and so you need to treat your venture as the professional company that it is. This means providing good customer service, using the right software such as to resolve ‘document anarchy’, outsourcing when needed and ensuring whatever it is you’re selling is of a high standard. Don’t fall into the habit of thinking ‘it doesn’t matter if this order is late, I’m only a small company’ or ‘they’ll understand if this product isn’t of the best standard.’ All you’ll do with this mindset is turn people against your business and it will never reach its full potential.

Do you run a business around your homeschooling? Tell us about it in the comments!

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