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Online Writing Courses for Middle and High School

Does your middle school or high school student love writing? Does your student hate writing? Does your student struggle with how to write the perfect 5-paragraph essay? No matter how your student feels about writing, our online writing courses for your homeschool will help your student become an excellent writer in a few short lessons.

Why Your Student Needs to Master the 5-Paragraph Essay

Writing a great 5-paragraph essay is a skill that your student must master for many reasons. Your student will need to demonstrate this skill in future course work in middle school, high school and college. This is a skill that your student will need to demonstrate on college applications, standardized tests, volunteer and/or job applications, and more. Here’s how our How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph Essay” course will help you and your student.

Most homeschool curriculum (and public school curriculum) is lacking in the area of mastering writing. As a homeschool evaluator and consultant of over a decade, one of the areas that I see lacking is writing. That is one reason why we started Our Happy Medium Academy. This “How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph Essay” course can be used a supplement to your existing English or Literature course.

Short, Easy-to-Follow Lessons

Our How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph Essay course through Our Happy Medium Academy is broken up into eleven lessons. Complete with a downloadable text, your child will follow along with video instruction and write their paragraphs in small chunks while following a set formula. The lessons are short, and easy to understand. There are plenty of examples to follow, and a “your turn” component for each lesson which prompts your child to work on his/her own essay section.

Mastery-Based Learning

At Our Happy Medium Academy, we believe in master-based learning. We don’t think it does a child any service to fill a child’s head full of information in a short period of time, and then expect them to regurgitate it in order to prove that they’ve learned something. We don’t believe that being tested on a random number of facts or concepts after a short time of learning shows any mastery. Instead, we believe that students should be given the time to go over concepts and the ability to review concepts as often as needed until they master the material. This is how we’ve designed our How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph Essay  course and how we’re designing all of our future courses (stay tuned!)


Not only will your student learn the formula for writing a perfect 5-paragraph essay, and master this skill, There are also individual lessons devoted to how to write a perfect thesis statement, and how to use transitions properly. These extra, in-depth lessons ensure that your students 5-paragraph essay is going to be perfect!


Above all, we want our students to enjoy what they’re doing, even if it does “stretch their brain” a bit. After all, the brain is a muscle, too, and no growth can take place without a little stretching. However, stretching should feel good, and that’s our approach. We want to help create students who love to learn, who love to be challenged, and who enjoy the process.

Here’s what a few of our students and families have said: (you can read more here)

Mrs. Hedrick told us that this course would not be like writing a “theme” (remember the kids in A Christmas Story, whose teacher asked them to write a “theme”? I thought this was funny, because that is one of my favorite movies. It’s true. Mrs. Hedrick did not ask us to write a theme. My essay actually was pretty fun to write, and now I feel confident about writing future essays on other topics. ~Brandon S. 15 years old


My daughter hated everything to do with writing. I don’t know if it is because I never pushed writing in her younger years, or if she just never learned that it could be fun, but it wasn’t until she took this course that she actually enjoyed writing. She’s really into ornithology, and so she chose this topic for her first essay. Now she’s writing all kinds of essays on all her favorite birds and their migration patterns. Once she realized that she could write 5-paragraphs easily, she branched out naturally. Her papers are now research-quality. I highly recommend this course. ~Marion L.

What You’ll Get

  • ability to learn at your own pace
  • can be used for multiple students in your family
  • ability to go back, review and watch over and over again
  • a video component for each lesson
  • a printable textbook which contains “your turn” assignments
  • any-time access for a lifetime

How to Enroll

Enrollment is on a rolling basis, so you can register at any time. For a limited time, we are offering a discounted price of $59. Enroll today, because this price will increase soon.

Enter to win FREE access to this new course below! If you’ve already taken this course, we’d love for you to comment below about how it has helped you in your homeschool!

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