homeschooling with a newbornHomeschooling has many challenges within it, and there are a number of situations in which it can prove to be particularly challenging to keep it going in the way you would hope for. One is when you have a newborn to think about and look after, and many people who have been in this particular situation will know well the feeling of being a little overwhelmed by everything which is going on. If you have recently given birth and you are wondering how to carry on homeschooling all of your children, there are a few things to consider. In this post, we will look at a number of the most important factors you should take on board.

Turn All Baby Things Into a Lesson

One of the best ways to make sure that you are juggling all of your responsibilities here is to simply try and make the baby a lesson for your other children. While you may not be able to teach all of the same stuff as usual, you can take this as an opportunity to teach your children about all that is involved in raising a newborn. You might be surprised at how readily your children get into it and understand it, and it can be one of the best life lessons to instill in them from a young age. There are plenty of things to teach them here. You might focus on the day to day details like diaper changing or give a lesson on ‘Baby Heat Rash: How To Treat And Prevent It’. However you approach it, it’s bound to be an effective means of making your baby the primary lesson for a while.

After a time, of course, you will need to move on to other topics, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a few weeks teaching your children everything there is to know about raising a baby. It will make things easier for you, and it will help to prepare your children much more readily for adult life. Clearly, this is a powerful solution, and one which you should consider first and foremost.

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Get Some Help

There are some times during homeschooling when you find that you need to get some help from someone outside the home. This is absolutely likely to be one of those times. If you are struggling to balance your newborn and homeschooling your children, you will probably find that having someone to help you with either or both could be the way forward. In all likelihood, you will prefer to have help with homeschooling, so that you can enjoy spending time with your newborn. But really, any way that you can find help is likely to help.

You might for instance consider hiring a teacher or tutor for a short time, just for those first few weeks, so that you can be absolutely sure that your older children are getting what they need during this time. You can also purchase some child-led online classes during this time which will free you up for the baby, while your older children work on their own. Don’t forget to seek help in the form of friends or family – in fact, that is always useful at such a time as when you have had a newborn. By getting someone to help you along the way, you will more easily and readily be able to balance looking after your newborn with homeschooling your older children.

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Change Up The Schedule

Chances are, you are going to have to alter your schedule to some degree, and that is something that you should try to be prepared for. In all likelihood, what will be easier if you do this will be to make the homeschooling fit to your newborn’s schedule. After all, what the newborn needs is the most important, so it’s vital to be able to prioritize them and make sure that that is the schedule which is being most readily adhered to along the way. Some of the things that you might need to change to make this work can be difficult to manage, but as long as you work at it carefully you should find that you can find a way to make it work out well enough. Change up the schedule where necessary, and you can balance it all much more effectively.

Get Organized

Having a newborn is a time when you always need to focus on your organization skills, but that might be especially vital when it comes to trying to homeschool your older kids at the same time. The last thing you need is to be running around trying to get everything done. You want everything that you need to be an arm’s length away at all times, and that requires a great deal of organization in the main. If you have a partner or someone else helping you, then you should work together to ensure that you can get more organized, and you should make sure that you are considering the issue from all angles in order to get it right. The more organized your life and your home is in general, the easier it will be to manage to look after your newborn and keep homeschooling your older children at the same time.

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Remain Present

Here’s a tip which is a great idea whenever you are in the midst of a particularly stressful or concerning time: try your hardest to remain present. By developing a sense of presence, you can expect to more readily handle the challenges facing you. It is when you allow your thoughts and emotions to run riot that you really struggle to deal with the difficulties of the moment. By staying present wherever possible, you will appreciate more and more the power of merely dealing with whatever is in front of you. No matter what your thoughts might do or how much they try to pull you away into thinking about the future or the past, if you are resolute in your attempt to remain present, you will find that you can manage your stress much more readily, and in many cases stop it occurring altogether. You’ll also have a much better sense of how you can hope to deal with the challenges of that present moment, which will make both homeschooling and caring for your newborn much easier to do.

Take Care Of You

If there is anything that you are liable to do when you have a newborn to look after and other children to teach, it is forgetting about your own needs. Throughout this all, no matter how difficult it gets, you need to remember as well as you can the importance of taking care of number one. The more that you are looking after yourself, the more that you will be able to look after your children in the ways that they need you to. That means ensuring that you are keeping yourself clean and happy, and that you ask for help occasionally so that you can have a few moments of quiet alone. Add to that the value of sleep and eating well, and you will find that you can do plenty to take better care of yourself – which will absolutely help you in a number of hugely important ways.

Take these tips on board, and you should find that you are able to homeschool your children and look after your newborn in one go. That’s the kind of multi-tasking that any parent would be proud to boast about.

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