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Have you ever wanted to start a blog about your homeschool?

It’s easy and fun! And you can earn money while homeschooling while blogging about your homeschool journey. I’ve been blogging about homeschooling for over a decade, and you can do it, too.

In addition to sharing important information about how to homeschool in Florida, I also like to tell stories about the many other facets of our life as a homeschooling family in Florida, and I love to read stories of how other homeschooling families do things. I’m sure you do, too.

One of my most popular posts is about our journey toward a gluten-free lifestyle. Now’s the time for you to start sharing your own stories in order to inspire others!

How Blogging Has Changed For Us

I started this blog/website over a decade ago and it has changed many times. In the beginning, even though people could access my website for information about how to homeschool in Florida, I didn’t blog consistently, and didn’t seek out partnerships and opportunities to collaborate and earn money. My website was more of a reference than a living, breathing blog. I did have some affiliate associations back then  that would provide me with a few dollars here and there, but I wouldn’t call it a money-maker.

Fast forward a few years, and I began to have a new vision. I wanted to continue to provide homeschoolers, and those looking for information about how to homeschool in Florida, with the information they needed, however, I also wanted to expand and turn my blog into a business. As I was thinking about how to do this, I came across Pete and Heather Reese and their incredible online blogging course.

You Can Make Money Blogging, Too!

Yes! There are tons of opportunities right now to make money blogging, to earn free vacations, free products, and much more!

If you are already blogging, and wish to expand your blog and widen your reach to create new and amazing opportunities for yourself and your family, like I did, I highly recommend taking the online blogging course with Heather and Pete Reese. This course is self-paced and you can sign up at any time.

The sheer amount of information that Heather and Pete share is amazing, and it’s all based on their experiences; their successes and failures over many years of hard work. I promise you will come away knowing more than you ever thought possible about the world of blogging and the opportunities it can bring! One amazing thing that Heather and Pete share are their income statements by month. They are super-transparent and give you the PROOF that blogging can bring you a viable income.

By implementing their ideas, I was able to partner with Teaching Textbooks and Garden Lites almost right away. Doing paid and sponsored work is fun because, well, you get paid or sponsored, and you are able to build lasting relationships with others. You can do this, too!

If You’re Brand New, Start Here

if you are brand new to blogging and/or want to start with the basics, then sign up for Heather and Pete’s FREE 5-day crash course.In this free course, Heather and Pete offer tons of information to get you started, and they will walk you through it step-by-step. When you are finished, you will be excited to launch your own blog/business. Read more of my story here. 

Other Income-Producing Opportunities

Many of us have multiple streams of income, especially when starting out. Here are some other ideas for working from home while you homeschool.




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