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Math seems to be a subject that kids will instantly understand, or continually struggle with all their schooling years. Because each child learns differently, a subject such as math can be tricky. As a homeschooling mom, I am always learning for new ways to help my kids learn and understand Math. That is why when I was given an opportunity to look at  Kate Snow’s book series, Math Facts that Stick for kids, I was instantly intrigued.

About Math Facts that Stick for Kids Author

Let’s start with the author Kate Snow. Kate Snow is a former teacher, curriculum writer, homeschool teacher, tutor, and now a published author through Well-Trained Mind Press. When Kate Started homeschooling, she could not help but notice that Math created stress and anxiety for both the parents and the teachers. Therefore, she set out to use her experience and write a series of books that will help parents and kids.

How will Math Facts that Stick for Kids, help my child

Kate Snow has spent decades in the Math world. She has seen, taught, and witnessed how children can learn. She also understands how different children’s learning styles can be. That is why she has put together a series of books that will make learning Math so much easier. Forget the days of spending hours memorizing flashcard facts. With Math Facts that Stick parents will be able to use games, strategies, and worksheets to help their kids understand Math, and retain the new lessons.

Time to start

What is the best time to start learning math? Well, it is never too early. That is why Kate Snow starts her series out at the Preschool level. The first book that parents can purchase is Preschool Math At Home. Here, parents can start with the basics, all while continuing to build up to the four-series book set.

Even if you do not start at the Preschool level, that is okay. Although I recommend starting these books early, families can quickly start on the Addition Facts that Stick book. If your child has mastered addition, the book series contains subtraction, multiplication, as well as division too.


If you, as a parent are unsure of teaching have no fear. Kate Snow has a series of videos on YouTube. In these webinar videos, she will increase your confidence, which in turn will raise your kid’s confidence when you can answer their questions.  Also, all of the Well-Trained Mind Press purchases include free product support if you were to have issues.

What I love

I love that both homeschooling families, as well as brick and mortar students, can learn quickly with the techniques that are taught here. I also am impressed that we can purchase the books in paperback, or online in PDF style. You know how we love digital curriculum! Parents will start to notice an improvement in just a few weeks, after using the Math Facts that Stick series.


If you are ready to purchase the Math Facts that Stick for kid’s series, remember a few things. You can buy them individually, or as a series. Keep in mind that you will receive a discount right now if you purchase the set.

You also have the options to purchase the books individually, in both paperback and PDF format, which can be more economical.

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