The Charlotte Mason Way

There are so many different homeschooling philosophies and approaches that it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. The Charlotte Mason method may be just right for your homeschool. Take the quiz below to find out.

Charlotte Mason was what we might call a “lifelong learner”. She loved education for education’s sake, believing that education was not simply a means to an end such as a job, a good grade on a test, etc. Here are a few of the essential elements in a Charlotte Mason homeschool.

Living Books

Many homeschoolers love the “living books” idea which are simply good, quality literature which our homeschooled kids can engage with and learn something about the world and themselves through the characters. This is very different than typical “textbook learning.”

Retelling or Narration

An important part of comprehension is the ability to retell a story. An integral part of the Charlotte Mason method is narration, where the students will read a passage or portion of a passage and retell the story.


A Classical approach, dictation is simply having your student rewrite something that you have chosen. It may be a passage from a story he has read, or a quote or Bible verse. The idea is that the act of reading and writing will help the student learn spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

Rooted in Nature

There is a lot about the Charlotte Mason method for the homeschool that I love, but this may be the biggest draw for me. Charlotte believed that children should interact with nature and the outdoors. She believe that this was integral to their learning. I wholeheartedly agree! Unfortunately, our public school system in the US doesn’t agree, and I believe that children are suffering for it.

Music and Art

Children who learn about the creations of great works of music and art are only more apt to become creative people themselves. We must not leave this out of our homeschool! The key to a well-rounded, educated person is that they learn to appreciate all the things listed above.

I am not a Charlotte Mason expert by any means. We incorporate a lot of this intuitively and naturally, but we do not follow a strict Charlotte Mason method.

If you are intrigued by this, you can take this quiz and find out if this homeschooling style is for you!

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