This blog post was taken from our original site and was published on 1/26/2009 when my girls were four and five years old!

Even though it’s an old post, the content is still relevant.

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I want to share a couple of excerpts from the Enki curriculum that I read last night.  There were times when I really did feel the calm, flowing energy this way when I was in the classroom.  Why then, is it more difficult to accomplish as a homeschooling mother?  I have a lot of theories about that, but for now read and enjoy!

These excerpts are both from a section on Establishing Boundaries from the Enki Kindergarten Curriculum:

To begin with, the parent sets up an environment that draws the children to it.  She establishes a rhythmic flow that honors the child’s need for expansion, contraction and transition (grace).  She choose activities that will mirror the child’s development.  Then she takes her seat as archetypal grandparent and melts into the environment.   Exactly how she does this will depend on the needs of her particular family.  But what is important is that she is looking to create and move worlds in an unseen manner and not to “direct’ the child in a self-conscious (conscious of her) manner.

And another: 

In the course of the day, many, many different moments will arise which require some kind of “direction” or guidance from the adult.  Her job is to sense how this can be done as an extension of the environment.  Can she lead a child into an activity through song?  Can she teach them to string beads just by doing it?  Can she draw them to snack just by beginning a fingerplay?  Can she stop a fight or comfort a child with a simple touch, calmly catching a child’s flying fists?  Can she say a simple, “No hitting,” and then direct the child toward an activity which will help integrate him?  Most important of all, can she hold her place as a stable force and magnetize the children to her calm?  Can she adjust the content, method or pace of the work, <em>in the moment</em> to engage the children in an integrating manner?

These are my new goals as a homeschooling mother.  I begin today.  Anyone want to join me?

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