top five things we love about digital curriculum

I’ll be honest, it took me some time to warm up to digital curriculum. When my girls were younger, we leaned toward a more holistic approach to learning, although my eldest daughter did use the online EPGY program for a while, and loved it. I am a book-junkie, and if anyone could say that I hoarded anything, it’d be books. It pains me to get rid of books, no matter what type they are. If I could have kept every single book I’ve ever owned, I totally would.

But, it is 2019, and not all of us can have gigantic antique book rooms like this one, <sniff sniff>. So now, I’m a bit of a digital curriculum hoarder. I love digital curriculum for so many reasons. Here are just a few.

Saves Space

I don’t need to box up all my digital curriculum when we’re finished with it, and I don’t have to search through endless boxes in the garage for the material the next time we want to use it, or when it’s time to pass it down to my youngest daughter. I can keep our downloaded curriculum organized on my external hard drive, and the girls can keep theirs organized on their flash drives. Any digital courses we use are even better, because there is no need for us to provide space on our devices for those.

Access From Anywhere

What I think I love most about using digital curriculum in our homeschool is that we can access anything from anywhere. My girls each have a computer to use, but they often access their curriculum from their iPads as well. The digital curriculum that I use, I can access from my phone from the orthodontist office, on my laptop, etc. We can literally learn anywhere, and we do!

Can Be Used Over and Over Again

I think all homeschooling parents search for ways to get the best possible deals on their homeschool curriculum. I have copied pages of workbooks just so that I didn’t have to buy an extra, and I’ve been known to say to the girls, “don’t touch that! I’m going to resell it!” You don’t have to worry about that with digital curriculum! I will still sometimes print off pages from some of our digital curriculum, but I have learned over the years to only print what I know the girls will absolutely use. Each year, especially as the girls grow, I find we need less and less paper.

Digital Curriculum is Perfect for a Child-Led Homeschool

This is my #1 reason why I have learned to love using digital homeschool curriculum. My girls pick and choose some of the subjects they’d like to study, because I believe strongly that child-led learning has so many benefits. Some of these topics or subjects can be difficult to find in printed homeschool materials. For example, our eldest is interested in learning to start a blog of her own. We can’t find that in a “regular” homeschool materials, but we have found some great courses that are offered digitally!

Our How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph course is the perfect example of digital curriculum that is perfect for the child-led homeschooler. It’s on sale now!

If you are on the fence about using digital curriculum in your homeschool, I invite you to give it a try. Now is a great time, too, because more and more companies are offering digital courses and curriculum. Some of these great curriculum choices can be found in this year’s Build Your Bundle (BYB) sale including my How to Write the Perfect 5-Paragraph Essay course! If you’d like to try out my course along with a bundle of other great choices for your homeschool, check out the BYB Sale. 

Let us know what you love best about digital curriculum!

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