Working at home is one of the most sought-after jobs that people tend to be searching for. And to be truthful and honest? They are competitive to get gobbled up quite quickly. Not only does working at home require excellent communication and time management skills, but employers are also seeking out people who are responsible and self-motivators as well.

There is a reason that work at home jobs are in hot demand! The thought of being able to wake up for work and never have to leave your home? Sign me up as well, right? Sounds like a pretty good gig if you can narrow down the search and find those legit work at home jobs that suit you and your skill set.

While it may take a bit of time and patience to weed through all the work at home job options out there, it’s worth it if you can land the one of your dreams! The secret is that you have to search online daily and already have your resume updated and ready to go. And if you’re wondering where to find some possible work at home leads, here are the job sites that you should be going to bright and early each and every day. The early bird catches the worm, right?

Job Sites to Search for Work From Home Jobs 

  • Indeed. Not only is this one of the largest online job boards out there, it’s typically full of different job options for work at home positions as well. The great thing about searching using Indeed is that you can narrow it down to keywords, and even more specifically for telecommuting or work at home positions. In fact, Indeed is so popular for employers to post jobs, it doesn’t hurt to look in the AM and the PM to see if anything catches your eye to apply!


  • FlexJobs. While this is a great site that actually does a really good job about screening jobs before posting to see if they are legit, they do have a monthly “membership” fee to be able to view their jobs that they have available to apply for. For $14.95 per month (some months they offer a special for a free 30-day trial, so keep your eyes peeled!), you can search their database that is uploaded frequently for all different types of work at home jobs.


  • ZipRecruiter. Another really popular job site that employers tend to favor and use is ZipRecruiter. And again, it’s very user-friendly and updated quite frequently as well. You can narrow it down by education level, pay, location, etc., and it takes the work out of spending hours filtering through and searching. Plus, you can also sign up to have jobs that are a “potential” match emailed directly to you as well! Talk about a time saver for your work at home job search!


  • Craigslist. Keep in mind that Craigslist can be a great way to find work at home and freelancing jobs, but you have to be extremely careful to be aware of the spammers and the scams out there. No one is filtering them for you, and it’s ultimately your responsibility to decide if a job is “too good to be true”. In saying that, there are some legit work at home jobs that do get posted to Craigslist, so it can be a valid way to land a job that lets you work from the comfort of your own home.

Learn a New Skill

  • Become a blogger! There are many inexpensive opportunities to learn about the business of blogging. It IS a business, so be prepared to invest a little bit of money and a bit of time to making it work. It CAN be done, and is actually is one of the top-growing businesses! Find your niche, and start telling your stories!

Finding a legit work at home job takes a bit of time and patience. And remember, there are a lot of scams out there so prepare yourself and do your own research. Never pay anything upfront to a company who is requesting it, and don’t accept any form of “prepayment” from them for the purchase of equipment that you’ll need to do the advertised job. If it puts up a red flag in your brain, there’s a reason for it. Take your time, be selective, and wait for the work at home job that is right for you. Keep searching those sites each and every day, and you may land a job quicker than you ever dreamed possible!

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