Calling All Cat Lovers – Here’s the Ultimate Gift!

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When I saw this adorable hoodie on Amazon, I knew that it would be the ultimate gift for Leo, our cat, and Kate, our cat-lover. Leo is actually still a kitten at about seven months old, but he is getting close to full-grown. There is no doubt that he considers Kate his “mommy” because she has carried him around like a baby since he was the size of her muck boot, and he follows after her (and the rest of us) like a faithful dog.

Today, our weather was cool again, by Florida standards, and since it is quite possible for us to be wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts on Christmas Day, we decided to take advantage of the weather and gift Kate and Leo with this hoodie today. If you, too, have a cat who loves to snuggle and be held, or if you know someone who does, look no further. This is the gift you need!

This hoodie is extremely cute. The hood comes complete with little cat ears, paw prints on the front pocket, and pom pom tassels for your cat to play with. The sweatshirt itself is soft cotton material, not too thick, and the pocket is fleece-lined, which can be taken out in case your cat gets too hot. Kate immediately loved this when she opened it and put it on because the material is very soft and not too thick.

Here’s Leo’s first reaction to his new ultimate cat carrier/sweatshirt/kangaroo pocket.

The True Test

Leo seemed to like being carried around in this pocket while Kate walked around outside; in fact, he did not want to get out out of the pouch even after about an hour of riding around in it. Now it was time to really put this carrier to the test, or was she putting her easy-going cat to the test? Either way, Kate discovered that she could also do her outdoor chores while Leo watched and played from the pocket.

Leo’s Review

I suppose there isn’t much more to hear except the sound of purring. Listen closely after the buzzing of the bee goes away, and you will hear Leo’s purr of approval.

Kate’s Final Review

For over an hour Kate walked around outside with Leo in the pocket, she mucked Biscuit’s stall while Leo stayed in the pocket, and she rode around with me while we spread the mucked poop on one of our pastures. Leo will generally ride along with us anyway, but we think he enjoyed riding in the pocket even more than just sitting on the seat next to us in his cat-dog style. After this initial test, Leo had fun playing in this pocket on and off throughout the day, and I am just guessing that first thing tomorrow morning, when Kate goes out to feed her horse, that Leo will be purring loudly from his fleece-lined womb again.

Kate and Leo both love this hoodie so much, that Kate decided to give you her thoughts on this awesome, adorable, ultimate gift for cats and the owners who love them.

Additional Info

Kate is twelve-years-old and is a typical sized kid for her age. Meaning, that she wears size 12 pants and isn’t quite big enough for a ladies’ size small shirt or hoodie yet. The one we ordered her was a size small (they are only adult sizes) and after reading the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that most people suggested buying a size up. I did notice that there are a few different sellers on Amazon selling these hoodies, but I am not sure if they are all from the same manufacturer. This one is perfect! It is called the Petgaroo Women’s Sweatshirt. I hope that information helps you!

If you have any questions, or if you purchase one of these adorable hoodies for your cat and your cat-lover please leave a comment below and let us know!

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