How to Begin

So you want to homeschool in Florida? Congratulations on your decision!

It is an exciting and rewarding journey.

Study the State Statutes before you begin.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility as the homeschooling parent to research and know the laws.

Obtain your free guide to homeschooling in Florida by joining the FPEA (Florida Parent Educator’s Association).Joining the FPEA is not required to homeschool in Florida, but we do recommend it.

As a homeschooling parent in Florida, whose children are registered with their local school board offices as home educated students, you have a few options about how you want to prove that your child has made progress each year:

  1. Have a FL certified teacher do a portfolio evaluation.
  2. Have your child take a nationally normed standardized test.
  3. Have your child take a state assessment test (such as the FSA)
  4. Have a psychological evaluation done by a FL certified psychologist.
  5. Some other agreement that you have worked out between yourself and the Superintendent of schools in your county.

Step 1

Send a “Letter of Intent to Homeschool” to your county school board office. These form letters are often listed on the county school board websites. If you cannot find one for your county, simply write them a letter with the child’s name, DOB, your address, phone number and the date you intend to begin homeschooling.

Step 2

Keep records of your child’s progress. Progress must be evaluated at the end of each school year and signed by a teacher certified in the state of Florida. Many parents like to keep a portfolio of their child’s work. This is highly recommended. You need not keep every single piece of work that your child did, but you should keep some samples of work from the beginning of the school year, from the middle of the year and then one or two samples from the end of the year in each subject area.

Step 3

Schedule your child’s portfolio review or plan to have your child tested.

Other Options

If you choose not to sign your child up as a “home educated student” with your local county school board office, you do have another choice. Register your child with an umbrella school. Umbrella schools are private schools which vary in cost and substance. If you are interested in this option, we would love you to register with Life Learning Academy, our umbrella school option.

Homeschooled students who are registered with private umbrella schools are considered as private schooled students, and not home educated students in the eyes of the state. Different rules apply. See Life Learning Academy for more information.

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