Thanksgiving is quickly coming, and that often means stressing out over cooking the perfect meal for your friends and family. Luckily, my family makes a big dinner at my mother in law’s house, so I do not have to stress over a big meal, but I do like to have our own family Thanksgiving meal at home a few days later. You can never get enough turkey and mashed potatoes, ammi right?

Whether you’re cooking for a large group, or small family gathering, it can lead to a day of stress between preparations, cooking, and cleaning. I’ve found the perfect answer to keep the stress away! I recently purchased my first Instant Pot, and this machine is a game changer in the kitchen. Now, I am going to share my plans on how to simplify my Thanksgiving Day with an Instant Pot so that you can do it, too!

What is an Instant Pot?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, like I was for a long time, an Instant Pot is a pressure cooker. But, we are not talking about the old-style pressure cookers that can be considered dangerous. (I have one of those for canning.) This is much safer and very easy to use. For a busy family, the Instant Pot could genuinely be a lifesaver on busy nights. It cuts cooking times of meals up to 70%, which means more time for family and less time cooking (yay for me!)

You can also use the Instant Pot to make snacks such as yogurt, cakes or even a cheesecake. The very first thing I made in mine was rice pudding. It was delicious and I didn’t even use a recipe. You can also make wine in an Instant Pot, though I haven’t tried that. I do not think there is anything you cannot do with an Instant Pot.

Thanksgiving Day With an Instant Pot

Now to the good stuff, this year, I’m going to cook my entire meal on Thanksgiving Day with my Instant Pot. While that may take some trial and error runs beforehand, I have researched some recipes that I do plan on trying before Thanksgiving Day, while I’ll wing some other recipes on my own.

After scouring the web, here are some of my favorites that I have found so far.

Recipes From a Pantry- Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
Veggies Save the Day- Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
A Mom’s Impression- Instant Pot Turkey Breast
Savory Tooth- Instant Pot Cheesecake
Low Carb Yum- Instant Pot Turkey Breast
Tasty Galaxy- Instant Pot Rice
Recipes From a Pantry- Instant Pot Brussels Sprouts
Veggies Save the Day- Wild Rice Salad
Low Carb Yum- Instant Pot Cauliflower Souffle
Project Meal Plan- Sean’s 3-Ingredient Mashed Potatoes
Tasty Galaxy- Instant Pot Whole Chicken
Recipes From a Pantry- Instant Pot Brownies with Pumpkin
A Mom’s Impression Instant- Pot Cranberry Sauce
To Simply Inspire- Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
Savory Tooth- Instant Pot Brussels Sprouts
Tasty Galaxy- Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
Tasty Kitchen- Instant Pot 3 Cheese Macaroni
Pressure Cooking Today- Pumpkin Pie
Pressure Cooking Today- Stuffing
Make It & Love It- Candied Sweet Potatoes

Final Thoughts on Simplifying Your Thanksgiving Day With an Instant Pot

I don’t tend to follow trends or let others sway me, and I’m kind of a “see it to believe it” type of girl, so I didn’t jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon when everyone else did. But, truly, I wish I had bought one sooner. I figured, I have a Crock Pot (two, actually), what else could I need. I never really thought that it could be that great, and boy, was I wrong. Between homeschooling, homesteading, blogging, and being a wife and mother, my time is limited. The Instant Pot has saved me hours of cooking, allowing me to enjoy my family time even more. We can enjoy family game nights more often, and it allows us to reconnect without the distractions of our daily life. Plus, there’s a lot less clean up.

Also, in case you did not notice, if you take a good look at some of these recipes, many are Keto, Paleo or gluten/dairy free, or they’re easily adaptable to that lifestyle. Therefore, many of these will work perfectly into your diet preferences.

If you do not have an Instant Pot, I would seriously start looking for one. This is the one that I have. I bought mine on one of the Amazon Prime Days for only a little less than it’s selling for now!


If you want to make both desserts and main dishes in your Instant Pot, be sure to purchase additional sealing rings, otherwise your rice pudding may come out tasting a bit like that Peruvian skirt steak you made last time (ask me how I know.)

Also, if you love to make soup stock, like I do, you won’t want to be without a basket. All you have to do it pull it out, and voila! no separating bones, skin, etc. from your stock: it’s all left behind in your Instant Pot, ready for you to serve. This is the one I have, and it can also be used as a steamer basket.

If you really want to get organized for your Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to download our Thanksgiving Holiday Planner. There’s something here for everyone, including the kids, and the adults who like to talk politics (you’ll have to open it to find out!)

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving Day with an Instant Pot? If so, please share your recipe below because I’d love to add them to my weekly menu plans. 

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