Have you ever wished that one person could help you with all aspects of your homeschool along the way so that you wouldn’t stress about your portfolio evaluation?

I am here to do that for you!

I’ve walked the journey with hundreds of homeschool families, and I’d love to walk with you, too.

My homeschooled children are both in high school now and my 10th grader is a dual-enrollment student. I understand your joys, your frustrations, challenges and your questions.

Unique Needs & Non-Traditional Schoolers

I understand the unique needs of special-needs students, especially 2E kids. I also love unschoolers and have worked with many unschooling families.

I come to you with over twenty years experience as an educator and have taught all grade levels from elementary to college level. I currently am a part-time online instructor for special-needs hospital/homebound students.

I have been doing homeschool consulting and evaluations since 2008 and have helped hundreds of homeschooling families with all aspects of their homeschool. I’d love to help you, too!

Homeschool Helpline – the best value

The needs of our homeschooled children are always changing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up! That’s why I’ve created the Homeschool Helpline. As a member, you’ll receive your child’s portfolio evaluation for FREE. Siblings receive yearly evaluations for only $20.

Members of my Homeschool Helpline group receive:

  • discounted portfolio evaluations for your children
  • monthly access to me where you can bring all of your questions/concerns/needs to a live chat
  • discounts on our online courses
  • discounts on our transcript services
  • and more

I have a passion for ALL students; especially those with special needs of all kinds, and I have a deep respect those of you who unschool.

Any questions? Contact me! 

Learn more about the Homeschool Helpline here.

See my testimonials page to see what others have said about how I’ve helped them have peace of mind and confidence.

You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to use this payment feature.

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