10 Hacks for Family Fun at the Beach
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A trip to the beach should be tons of fun, but the reality is that going to the beach with kids is a lot of work! You have to pack a ton of gear to be comfortable, snacks and drinks are a must, and then there’s the sand, which gets on everything and is impossible to remove. Luckily for you, I have some great beach hacks that will make your next family trip a breeze!

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a must for family fun at the beach. Just sprinkle a bunch on a beach town, then wipe your kids’ hands and feet, and the sand disappears. Baby powder works to remove moisture from your kids’ skin, giving the sand nowhere to stick.

A Fitted Sheet

Forget battling tiny beach towels during your time on the sand. The best option for lounging on the beach is a fitted sheet turned upside. Just place your bags and coolers in each corner to hold the sheet in place and keep the sand out.


Blowing up a balloon is a great way to get rid of water inside your kids’ ears. Just toss a few in your beach bag in case someone’s ears get plugged with water after taking a dip in the ocean.

Freezer Bags

Freezer bags do triple duty at the beach. They hack your cooler by replacing melting ice with a few frozen bags filled with water, and they’ll hold your wet gear after the water melts. You can also place electronics inside to prevent them from getting wet while still being able to use the touchscreen.

Rash Guards

Avoid the need to keep reapplying sunscreen to your kids’ shoulders and back with this simple beach hack. Rash guards protect the most vulnerable part of your children’s skin without the need to reapply sunscreen every time the get out of the water.


If you’re at a beach that is home to jellyfish, bring a small spray bottle filled with vinegar. The vinegar will take the sting out if anyone accidently gets stung.

Laundry Basket

Haul your gear to the beach in a laundry basket, then line it with a soft towel after everything is unloaded. The basket can contain a little one during play time and will also work as a make-shift bassinet.

Colorful Umbrella

An umbrella is a necessity at the beach. It provides much-needed shade and can serve as a landmark for your kids to help them find your spot after swimming.

Cool Your Sunscreen

This simple beach hack will help you cool your kids’ skin while reapplying their sunscreen. Just toss the sunscreen in the cooler to chill it in between coats.


A diaper is the best place to hide your valuables. Before heading out to the water with your kids, wrap up your cell phone, money, and keys in a diaper, making it look like it’s been used. No one will suspect a thing!

Have you used any of these hacks? Tell us how they worked for you below. Oh, and if you have any to add, please let us know!

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