When the time for weekend family activities rolls around, there’s absolutely no reason to spend money just to have fun. There are scads of things you can do that don’t cost you a cent. These are just a few of them.


If you’ve never considered volunteering as a family, there’s no better time to do so. With a little research, chances are you’ll come up with a long list of organizations that need volunteers. Soup kitchens and animal shelters are two very popular options. You may be surprised at what a fun family activity this can be!

Movie Marathon

With all of the streaming services currently available, it’s never been easier to have a free movie marathon complete with buttery popcorn, large cups of soda and Raisinets. It’s actually possible to watch several seasons of the same series in one weekend. Binge-watching at its very best!

Backyard Camping

One fun family activity is backyard camping. It doesn’t cost a cent and can be as luxurious or rustic as you want it to be. Add a sense of realism to the adventure, by declaring your house to be “off-limits” for the entire time. Consider turning off the Wi-Fi as well. This is a great opportunity to play board games that are gathering dust in the closet and to catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Off-Grid Weekend

Camp outdoors (or indoors if the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor coming), and have a totally off-grid weekend. Use no electricity or water for the entire weekend. Grab your favorite canned goods and cook them over an open fire (or eat them cold if you have to!) Reserve your water for things like washing hands and faces and brushing teeth. Use your battery-powered lamps and flashlights at night while you tell fun stories in the dark.


Because of the popularity of e-books, libraries typically don’t get the same amount of traffic as they used to. But, that doesn’t mean visiting is no longer fun. Many libraries host free weekend activities for kids of all ages. This includes things like arts and crafts classes and story time for the younger kids to poetry readings and writing workshops for teens and adults. And, of course, libraries don’t cost a cent!

Water / Snow Fight

If the weather allows, grab all your buckets, balloons, jugs and bottles and have a good, old-fashioned water fight. If you have any of those giant super soaker water guns, even better! If you can, head to the beach! If you live in a northern climate go on out in the winter and throw snowballs!

Nature Walk

Going on a nature walk isn’t only fun, it’s a fantastic way to get exercise too! Some people are lucky enough to live in close proximity to a park or nature preserve, which makes it easier to get close to Mother Nature’s beauty. But, even if you have to drive a short distance, a walk in the country works well too.


A family cycling day is always fun. Many towns and cities have paved bike trails which make it nice for the little ones who still use training wheels. Or, if your kids are older and you’re really adventurous, find an off-road mountain biking trail.

Pet Weekend

If you have dogs, let the weekend “go to the dogs!” Take them shopping at their favorite pet store. You don’t have to buy anything, just let them sniff around and enjoy. Afterward, take them to a local dog park to play.
These are just a few family fun weekend activities that don’t cost you a cent, except maybe for the gas to get you where you’re going. Honestly, there’s no better time to round up the kids and let the adventures begin!
What have been some of your most memorable family activities? Tell us in the comments so that we can all add them to our lists!

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