Fry Sight Words – First 100 Flash Cards



Fry sight words first 100 flash cards
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Fry Sight Words

These sight words are the list of some of the most frequently used words in grades 2-9. This is the first set of flash cards, and is perfect for use in your homeschool with your emergent readers and writers. There are even blank cards for you to customize to your child.

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. You can read more about how to help your child become an amazing reader here. 

Strategies for Teaching Your Child to Read

Use these Fry Sight Words as part of your reading curriculum. Simply print on card stock paper and use as flash cards, as part of a matching game (print two copies) or as spelling words.

For more strategies, read this blog post. If you are struggling to find ways to teach your child to read, consider a consulting appointment with me. I have helped hundreds of children learn to love to read.



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