A small sampling of what some of my families have said…

I talk to Terri for coaching sessions every summer so that she can help me with my curriculum choices and my overall plans for each child. I have five children from high school to kindergarten, and three of them have special needs (dysgraphia, dyslexia, and ASD), so I want to be sure that I’m meeting the needs of each one. Terri has been such a wealth of support and information for me, and has always given me such excellent advice! I would never have known about some of the resources and curriculum if it weren’t for her. Thank you, Terri, from all of us. We’re prepared for another successful year!

Stacey F.

I have used Terri as our evaluator for four years now. We love Terri’s gentle, encouraging approach. My sons were extremely nervous the first time they had to talk to her and by the time they finished that first phone call, you would think they were best friends. My boys look forward to showing Terri their schoolwork each year!

Terri never hesitates to promptly answer questions any time of year. I have sent her a lot of emails! 🙂 I value her advice and opinions so much that I finally signed up for her mentoring program a few months ago. This has been a sanity-saver for me! Even though I consider myself a veteran homeschooler, I feel so much more confident in our plan for this upcoming year because of all the feedback I’ve received from Terri.

I highly recommend Terri for anything you need, whether it be a yearly evaluation, a one-time consult, or her mentoring program.

Jackson Family

We have never had anyone else evaluate our children. I found Terri through her website several years ago, and was impressed with her knowledge and generosity from the beginning. She as patient with my “newbie” questions, and generous with her time and knowledge. My son and daughter look forward to talking to “Ms. Terri” every year!

Schalman family, Boca, FL 2013

Terri has helped us over the years in so many ways, but I’d like to thank her especially for this instance: I called Terri in a panic for a coaching/consulting session because we were moving out of state and I needed transcript help for my high schooler who was going to be transitioning to the public school there. Terri’s knowledge, wisdom, and demeanor are unmatched! Not only did she help me with the transcript, she also gave us some great pointers about classes to sign Luke up for for his first year in public school. We couldn’t have done this without her, and we miss her very much!

Kirsten K.

I was lucky enough to get in on Terri’s last monthly mentoring program. This program was amazing and was SO helpful to me, Her experience, wisdom and intuitive insight has been so helpful for me and for my homeschool. I have four boys ages seven to 15 and Terri has helped me with every one of them. Her experience is unique in that she has not only has taught all ages and grade levels, but she is also an experienced homeschooling mother herself. This makes Terri uniquely qualified to understand the challenges we face as homeschooling parents. What I love most about her is her positive attitude. After a phone session with her, I feel like I can do anything!

Gabby S.

As a mother and fellow homeschooling parent, I was thrilled to find Terri Hedrick to conduct our home school evaluations. I began homeschooling my two children in 2009, when they were 8 and 10 years old. We were unschoolers who had recently left the enormous stress of an aggressive achievement based private school. My children had both tested for giftedness, but the school was not the proper match for their learning style. While they were precocious, curious, and fascinated with the world, they had a difficult time rushing through the day with ever-changing tasks. I loved to watch my children blossom in their new freedom to learn at their own pace and on their own terms. They had an amazing first year, and I knew we had made the right choice.

When I prepared their first portfolio for Terri, I was nervous that she would not understand my philosophy of schooling, and how incredible it can be to continue to see your child’s love of learning thrive with child driven assignments, research and activity. I drove three hours to meet her for coffee, and have her meet my children in person. It is one of the best investments I have made in my home school! It felt amazing to meet someone who not only understood my philosophy of learning, but who had dozens of other ideas for ways to continue to help my children thrive. Although she did not use the same teaching style as I, she was open to the idea that there are many right answers when it comes to learning, and that thinking outside of the box was one of the greatest benefits we all share as homeschoolers.

I am confident that Terri would be adept in accommodating a wide range of learning styles, and working easily with fellow homeschooling parents to create the best learning experience for their children.

Christine F.

When I brought my 10-year-old daughter home from Ethiopia three years ago,
homeschooling was not in my plan. Because she spoke not a word of English, I
decided to “temporarily” keep her at home until she learned the language and got more
comfortable with our culture. As I said, that was three years ago and two evaluations
later with Terri Hedrick.

Why would I recommend Terri? Her credentials caught my attention first and then I
reviewed her educational philosophy and her method of performing annual evaluation.
We met for the first time when I had just been homeschooling for about 8
months. I brought way too much paperwork and I’m sure I dominated the conversation
for the first half-hour with questions and worries. She was so reassuring to both
my daughter (who was also there) and to me! She gave us recommendations for
curriculum and inspired us with her proactive, yet comfortable professionalism. She
is practical! During the year, I know that Terri is only an e-mail away and her website
offers a wealth of information.

My daughter is now reading way above grade level and is rapidly catching up in other
subject areas. She keeps her own reading log to show “Ms. Terri” when we next meet.

Crystal B.

Thank you again for being here. I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without you.

Lena K.

I was so nervous when I made the decision to homeschool. None of my friends at the time or family understood. I had a consultation with Terri who served as an invaluable resource and continues to be a constant form of encouragement and support. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Jenny K.

We are an unschooling family, and have been since we started homeschooling several years ago. As soon as I read through Terri’s website, I knew that she probably understood our lifestyle and way of learning. She did! I know my children are making significant progress every year, but to hear it from Terri each year brings a certain peace of mind that I would not find elsewhere. I highly recommend Terri as your homeschool evaluator.

Jackie Q.

My children love talking to Mrs. Hedrick on the phone each year. The first year I wasn’t sure how my son would do with a phone conversation. He didn’t talk much to anyone on the phone. Several minutes later he was laughing and telling Mrs. Hedrick everything he knew about dinosaurs. I had to finally take the phone away from him! Mrs. Hedrick is truly a child-lover. She gives us good advice on where to go next with my son’s learning and we look forward to showing her Emilio’s progress from year to year.

Sandra L.

I chose you for our daughter’s first evaluation, and I really appreciate the way that you conducted it, making her feel comfortable and not anxious…I also appreciated the information you shared with me about curriculum options and choices, like FLVS FLEX. I’m currently using it for my 6th graders and high schooler. I will definitely be referring my other homeschooling mommies your way!

~~Shania H.

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